The students of Longfellow's Maker Space crafted the beginning, middle and end scenes from a fictional story they created. They captured images of these scenes on their iPads, and used the LEGO's StoryStarter app to compile the images, add speech bubbles and special effects. What resulted were awesome comic strips! We hope you enjoy them!

Andrew Molldrem
Andrew LEGO StoryStarter pic.jpg

Bella Hamilton
Bella LEGO StoryStarter.jpg

Ian Rodriguez
Ian LEGO StoryStarter.jpg

Gracie Bolskar
Gracie LEGO StoryStarter.jpg

Lorena Mercado
Lorena Story Starter.jpg

Cole Rahm
Cole Story Starter.jpg

Marc Kegley
Marc Story Starter.jpg

Zoe Rodriguez

Cailyn Sholtens

Anacely Perez
Anacely Story Starter.jpg

Selena Silva
selena Story Starter.jpg