Bristle Bot Bugs!

Bristle Bots are simple robots made from toothbrush heads and small motors. The vibration from the motor causes kinetic energy in the bot. We decorated ours with eyes and pipe cleaner legs to look like insects. We had a lot of fun racing them, although sometimes they didn't quite go in the right direction!


"Kaleidoscope" comes from the Greek words, -kalos- meaning beautiful, -eidos- meaning form and -skopein- meaning to view. Kaleidoscopes are optical devices made of mirrors that reflect images of colorful patterns in a symmetrical geometric design through a viewer. Three mirrors are arranged at 45 degree angles and reflect the images over and over again in each mirror. Our simple kaleidoscopes were made from toilet paper tube rolls, reflective mylar sheets and colored construction paper. Enjoy this mindful video of our creations.

Green Screen Projects

Students conducted interviews on a topic of their choosing in front of a green screen. These students chose to talk about their favorite video game.

Designing and Building Tiny Homes

For this project we really had to downsize! Students were challenged to construct their own tiny homes with an area of only 36 units squared. Given these constraints, students calculated that there were many possibilities for home designs. Creativity became unleashed when creating tiny furniture and decorating the interiors and exteriors of their homes. What's even better is students learned about some of the sustainability benefits of owning a tiny home!

Jumping Popsicle Sticks

Did you know that you can make popsicle sticks magically jump into the air? If you weave them just right, you can create a chain that builds tension. It's tricky though, so it helps to have a classmate's help to hold them down.

Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Students work together in small teams to build the tallest free standing tower out of only 3 materials - spaghetti, tape and string! The tower had to be strong enough to support a marshmallow on top. We learned that a sturdy base is important and triangle shapes are very supportive. Planning with your team and assigning roles also helped get the job done.